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Pastor's Journal

Today is the Day that Lord Has Made ...

Winter is Coming


Yes, that's a reference to "Game of Thrones," that airs its season finale Sunday on HBO. I've been a big fan of George Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire books that tell the fantasy story of the kingdoms of Westeros and Essos. Honestly, I could do without a lot of the sex and gore, but the stories have been terrific. The HBO series has been equally wonderful, but again the sex and gore could have been dialed back a bit.

I don't want to waste your time about my enjoyment of "Game of Thrones," even though stories with dragons are pretty cool. 

During the final week of August, our church website will be undergoing a kind of 'reformation.' We're cleaning things up a bit and adding a couple of new options. The updates will be rolled out over the coming week and by next Friday, September 1st, everything should be in place. As of this morning, our home page is basically set. Not much else on the website has been completed, but it is coming along rather quickly.

Additionally, we will be adding content to our Facebook page - a lot of it will link back to our website, but some will new just for that audience. To follow us on that social media site, please go to 

The focus of these changes is to enhance our online ministry. Honestly, it has been pretty sad. My intention is to change this to make our online presence more appealing. We will be adding video and audio options to our site so we can spread God's Word more directly and effectively with others. 

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