St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

Our Team

Serving God's People Faithful

It all begins with a vision.

And that vision is centered on Jesus.



At the heart of Christianity is hope in Jesus Christ.

A hope that fills one's heart and focuses on the blessings of God through Jesus, His one and only Son who died and rose for you.

At St. Matthew's, our Vision Team shows the importance of wrapping ourselves in Jesus' love, centering our work on the hope for a better time for all of God's people.

Our ministries below show the importance of hope in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

* Our Food Pantry helps those struggling to put food on their tables. At our mission's core is to make sure that children do not go to bed hungry.

* Our Prayer Shawl Ministry touches the lives of everyday people. Whether someone is going through a hard time or is celebrating a blessed milestone, our Prayer Shawl Team is there to provide a real pick-me-up.

* Our Stewardship Team looking to provide all believers with a daily reminder of just how special you can be by using your best abilities to further the spread of the Gospel.

* Our Education Board is there to teach everyone - youth and adults - about the importance of studying God's Word.

* Our Operation Barnabas team is there to help our returning veterans and their families.