St. Matthew's Lutheran Church
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Prayer Shawl Ministry

It starts with a knit and a purl.

It ends with you changing a life.

St. Matthew’s Prayer Shawl Ministry

As we knit, we weave comfort, love, and prayers.

Cast On, and Join us in
this new ministry
“Knitting and Crocheting
of Prayer Shawls”

About the MINISTRY

The Shawl Ministry was started by Vicky Galo and Janet Bristow after graduating from Hartford Seminary, in Hartford, Connecticut. Moved by their experiences, the two turned to their knitting needles to make shawls for fellow participants – the shawl revolution began. Before casting on, they said a prayer that continued through to the final stitch. The shawl, Janet said, was a reminder of someone’s constant care; it enfolded, wrapped, and gave comfort.

“Women and men have long worked with their hands and their spirituality showed through their work,” Janet says. “A lot of people look at the world and see that there are horrible things in life. They feel helpless. They want to reach out and comfort and making prayer shawls transcends that.”

Thank you for being a special part of St. Matthew’s Prayer Shawl Ministry.


Calendar of Meetings @ 10am: Bring a friend and a dish to share!


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