St. Matthew's Lutheran Church

Why Join Us?

There are a lot of churches out there...

There are a lot of churches out there...

Sometimes it is hard to pick which church fits you best.

It is without a doubt there are a lot of Christian churches and denominations out there, each one trying to show that they are a little different than the group of Christians down the street. Whether it is differences in ministries or worship style, every church attempts to stand out just a little bit from the others.

A question that always comes up when people visit established churches is what can they offer me or my family? This question very quickly builds to asking about youth programs or senior citizen events or even weekly attendance. Many established churches who have been around for more than a century have issues with each of those areas.

But what if you came to a church that’s been around for a while and they have the vision to build for the future with new ideas, new concepts, and a firm foundation in Jesus Christ?

  • A church that is talking about new ways to do ministry and youth education?

  • A body of believers who wants to not just show up to weekend worship services, but desires to live out that belief in God every single day?

  • A loving people showing that Godly love to all people?

If you want to be part of something new and special, then St. Matthew’s is your new church home.


Building for the Future

St. Matthew's has been around for 120 years, and for churches, this is pretty old. For the past 120 years, we've done a lot - and many times church can't last this long because all they think about are the memories --- the ministries, the youth fun, the dinners, the worship life.

We're different.

We've broken out of the mold of holding on to memories and pictures. Today, we are looking at our world and where it is at and we're trying to make a difference.

St. Matthew's is starting over with a new ideas and new plans that embrace the future!

We are starting out small and growing - won't it be exciting to be part of something new? 

If you want to get in on the ground floor of a new exciting church, then why don't you join us?


We are located at 225 Center Street in New Milford. We worship on Saturdays at 5pm; Sundays at 9:30am during the summer, 10:00am the rest of the year; Wednesday nights at 7pm; and Monday through Friday at 7am for our special Morning Prayer worship service.

Our email is Our telephone number 201-262-5092.

Take a chance on something new and Christ-centered. Make a difference in your community. You are welcomed at St. Matthew's!